**Replacement carts needed due to Hurricane Florence must be requested prior to November 30th.   After this time any replaced carts are considered lost carts and are subject to a $30 fee, which would be added to your utilities account.                                                                      910-328-4131 ext 105**

Utility Accounts

When buying or selling property always set up new account information with the utility clerk.

Utility Account e-billing Now Available

If you would like to set up e-Billing please email utilities@surfcitync.gov

Please include the following in your email:

  • Account Name 
  • Account Number 
  • Account PIN
  • Service Address
  • Email to send bill to

Drop Box

There is a night deposit box at the Town Hall for payments made after hours.

Fees & Adjustments

Pursuant to Section 18-31. Complaints; adjustments:

(b) The town will make special meter readings at the request of the owner / customer for a fee for each meter; provided, that if such special reading discloses that the meter was overread, no charge will be made.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation Tips is an interactive website providing information on water conservation in and around the home.

Water Reports

View the Water Treatment Annual Reports.

Water Notices

View Water Violations.