In regards to COVID-19, the Town of Surf City is suspending all disconnections of utility service due to non-payment and will be waiving late fees, effective immediately until further notice. Please see the letter and notice below for more information.

Suspension of Utility Disconnections & Waiving of late fees

Governor’s Executive Order 124

NOTICE: State of North Carolina Utilities Commission Raleigh
Suspending Disconnections and waiving fees for utilities

For questions pertaining to water, trash or sewer please call         Jeanne King in Utilities 910-328-4131 Ext.109 or email utilities@surfcitync.gov

Yard DebrisApril 20-25
Yard Debris November 16-20
Bulk ItemFeb. 10-15
Bulk ItemMay 4-9
Bulk ItemSeptember 14-18
Bulk ItemDecember 7-11

Bulk Items
Appliances, mattresses, couches, chairs, grills, furniture, bicycles, electronics and other similar items. This DOES NOT include: hazardous materials, construction debris, or re-modeling materials such as; doors, windows, and cabinets.

Yard Debris
Vegetative debris, yard waste, and tree trimmings. Vegetation cannot be greater than 6 inches in diameter or longer than 4 feet in length. Please neatly stack debris along right away. DO NOT BAG DEBRIS!

Guidelines for Trash and Recycling Items

Utility Accounts

When buying or selling property always set up new account information with the utility clerk.

Trash and Recycling Pick up Schedules

Roland Ave and South     

North of Roland Ave.     


Utility Account e-billing Now Available

If you would like to set up e-Billing please email utilities@surfcitync.gov

Please include the following in your email:

  • Account Name 
  • Account Number 
  • Account PIN
  • Service Address
  • Email to send bill to

Drop Box

There is a night deposit box at the Town Hall for payments made after hours.

Fees & Adjustments

Pursuant to Section 18-31. Complaints; adjustments:

(b) The town will make special meter readings at the request of the owner / customer for a fee for each meter; provided, that if such special reading discloses that the meter was overread, no charge will be made.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation Tips is an interactive website providing information on water conservation in and around the home.

Water Notices

View Water Violations.