Before a Hurricane Hits

Before a Hurricane Threatens

Elevation of Your Home above Sea Level

Get this information from your local Emergency Management Officials. Your nearest Weather Service office can supply flood-stage data for area streams and waterways. Find out if you home is subject to storm surge (tidal) flooding.

Maximum Storm Surge Which Might Occur

Information about the potential for inland flooding and storm surge is available through your local Emergency Management Office.

Route to Safety If You Have To Leave

Plan your escape route early. Check with Emergency Management for low points and flooding history of your route. Check the number of hours it could take you to evacuate to a safe area during peak evacuation traffic.

Location of Nearest Official Shelter

Emergency Management can give you the location of the shelter nearest your home and explain what you should bring with you. Plan your family's safety. Know how to contact family members should the need arise.

How Safe Is Your Home?

Near the seashore, plan to relocate during a hurricane emergency. If you live in a mobile home, always plan to relocate.

The Inventory of Your Property

A complete inventory of personal property will help in obtaining insurance settlements and/or tax deductions for losses. Inventory checklists can be obtained from your insurance representatives. Don't trust your memory. List descriptions and take pictures. Store these papers in waterproof containers or in your safety deposit box.

What Your Insurance Will Cover

Review your insurance policies and your coverage to avoid misunderstanding later. Take advantage of flooding insurance. Separate policies are needed for protection against wind and flood damage, which people frequently do not realize until too late.