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This is the first Wellhead Protection Plan for the Town of Surf City. The Town of Surf City is locatedp redominantly in the southeastern most portion of Pender County. Its PWS ID# is 04-71-015. The Town operates two (2) wells, which serve a population of 5,606 people via 2,602 connections. Both of the Town’s active wells pumps water from the Castle Hayne aquifer. The Town maintains three (3) elevated storage tanks with individual storage capacities of 100,000 gallons, 300,000 gallons, and 500,000 gallons. The total water storage capacity of the town is 0.900 million gallons (900,000 gallons). The wells are treated at the water plant with chlorine/ammonia (chloramines), permanganate, and phosphate. There are three (3) certified operators for the system, which uses an average of 500,000 gallons of water in the winter per day and 900,000 gallons-1.2 million gallons in the summer per day.

The Town of Surf City is located in the White Oak River Basin. The subwatersheds associated with Surf City are the Beckys Creek-New Topsail Inlet subwatershed and the Ashe Island-Stump Sound subwatershed. The main land use of the Beckys Creek-New Topsail Inlet subwatershed is wetlands, which accounts for approximately 38.4% of the total area, followed by developed land, which account for 23% of the total area. The main land use of the Ashe Island-Stump Sound subwatershed is attributed to wetlands at approximately 34.8% of the total area, followed by forests, which account for 17.4% of the total area.... Click here to read more.

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