Uniform Patrol

The Surf City Police Department’s Patrol Division is divided into 2 platoons that work rotating hours to provide service to the Town of Surf City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each platoon consists of 2 sergeants, 1 corporals and 5 officers. The sergeant serves as the shift supervisor with the corporal acting as an assistant supervisor.

One patrol corporal is also part of our police K-9 team, K-9 Ace and his handler patrol as a team and are always together.

Every officer has an assigned patrol vehicle with emergency lights, sirens and a mobile data terminal as well as other useful law enforcement equipment. Many vehicles are equipped with radar units to assist in traffic enforcement, in-car radios for more reliable communication, and other essential equipment.

Officers in the Patrol Division frequently respond to and initiate a number of different calls including:

    - Traffic crashes
    - Suspicious people, vehicles or conditions
    - Vandalism, damage or destruction of property
    - Domestic disputes or assaults
    - Fights in progress
    - Medical emergencies
    - Traffic stops
    - 911 hang-ups

The Patrol Division focuses on maintaining acceptable response times to calls ensuring quality and professional service to each member of the public interacting with our officers.

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Request to Review a Body-Worn Camera (BWC) video:

NC G.S. 132-1.4A governs the "disclosure and release of digital media," For the purposes of the statute, a law enforcement agency may generally allow a person who appears in a BWC video to view the section(s) of the recording that they appear in.  This is known as disclosure.  The request to view the video must be in writing to the law enforcement agency that holds the video.  A law enforcement agency generally needs a court order to release, or provide a physical copy of the video, to anyone outside of the court system. 

If you wish to review a video recorded by one or more of our BWC systems, you may come to the police department to fill out the request and schedule a time to do so.
If you wish to receive a copy of a video recorded of our BWC system, you may come to the police department to fill out the request and schedule a time to receive the copy.  Keep in mind, in order to receive a copy (release) of digital media, you will need a court order in most cases.