Mayor's Message

Mayors Message

Thank you for taking a moment to visit the Town of Surf City’s website.  I hope our site will be a useful place for you to find the information you need on our government and community.

I humbly and proudly serve as mayor of our beautiful, little beach town.  I have served on our Council for over 30 years and remain passionate in preserving the culture of our family-oriented beach.  We are a fast-growing island but shaping the right type of growth for our community is critical.  While growth is inevitable, it is important to plan for businesses and resources that fit the needs of our citizens but also maintain the culture of the place we call home.   

One of the things I love most about our town is the people in it.  We are like a family here in Surf City.  Our town is also proud to be the home to many fine men and women of the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy as we are neighbors with Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  

We are a strong, resilient community because of the people that live here.  I admire the caring and generous spirit that lives in our citizens.  That spirit creates the community partnerships that drives the many community outreach programs in our area through civic groups, non-profit organizations, and places of worship.   Together is better, and TOGETHER we are always making Surf City a better place to be.  Whether it’s storms, growth, or one of the many other challenges we are faced with as a beach town, because of our people, we remain strong and resilient. 

Please visit our Town’s website often to check for updates and to see what’s happening in our community.  You can also sign up to receive our bi-weekly Governmental Update and follow us on social media.  I release a new update from my office every two weeks in our Governmental Updates.  You can find the latest release by clicking here. 

God Bless,

Mayor Doug Medlin