Oyster Shell Recycling

Oyster Shell Recycling

Dear Partner: 

As we enter into the holiday season, many people will be enjoying oysters with friends and family as part of their holiday celebrations. We need your help to remind everyone how important it is to recycle their leftover shells.


Along the coast, there are many public shell recycling drop-off locations. All recycled shells will be returned to strategic locations where they will create new oyster reefs to keep our wild populations thriving. 


Please consider sharing information about shell recycling in your upcoming newsletters, social media, and other communications with your employees, customers, partners, and our local government partners.


To help you spread the word, we've put together this shell recycling toolkit. The toolkit features a variety of resources: FAQs, Oyster Fun Facts, Signage, Photos, Videos, and suggested social media captions with hashtags. If you have any questions about the toolkit or need additional resources, please don't hesitate to contact Victoria Blakey at victoriab@nccoast.org for additional assistance. 


On behalf of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, thank you for your continued commitment to restoring the coast and ensuring oyster reefs for generations to come. 

Oyster Shell Recycling Toolkit