What are the fence requirements?
  • Town Ordinance: https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/surfcity/latest/surfcity_nc/0-0-0-18938
  • No Permit needed
    • Maximum rear and side yard height does not exceed 6 ft
    • Maximum front yard height does not exceed 4 ft 
    • Non-opaque - a good neighbor or shadowbox style fence is permittable
  • Planning Board approval required 
    • Non-opaque fences taller than 6 ft 
    • Opaque fences of any type or height 
    • Retaining walls of any height 
  • If located on an oceanfront lot, a CAMA permit may be required. Please contact your local field representative with any questions. 
  • Fences can not be located within 15 feet of any street. 

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