What can I do with old prescription drugs or medicine?

We all have old prescriptions in our medicine cabinet or random pills in our bathroom drawers that we can’t quite remember the name of. You might think it’s smart to hold on to them JUST IN CASE, but those drugs you’re letting languish in your home could lead to addiction, be swallowed by a child or grandchild, make someone sick because they’re out of date, or even harm the water supply when you flush them down the drain. 

The Surf City Police Department is making it easy for you to get rid of those drugs – just stop by the police department at 214 W. Florence Way and drop them in the drug disposal box right in the lobby. No questions asked! No paper work to fill out! You can come by any time 8am to 5 pm, 7 days a week.  

NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT SYRINGES, LANCETS or NEEDLES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. If you need further information on where to dispose of such items, please use the following website: https://safeneedledisposal.org/states/north-carolina/ 

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